About Us

Apps for Smart Devices Ltd is an independent software company specialising in productivity tools. Our current product categories include Intelligent Information Management (IIM) apps and GDPR compliance assessment apps.

With the ever-growing dependence on modern technology in our daily lives, there is a need for software tools that should alleviate the complexity of managing personal information, with requisite digital security as well as ease of use. In this regard, we aim to develop IIM apps that are user-centric with essential features that modern personal information management techniques demand. dataWallet and dataWallet Pro our IIM apps which are represent flagship products for Apps for Smart Devices Ltd.

Another set of productivity tools we have developed are UWP apps for GDPR compliance assessment. These apps are intended for information security consultants who need to carry out GDPR compliance assessments with built-in automation to simplify the chores of GDPR information gathering and assessment.

Apps for Smart Devices Ltd is a limited liability company registered in England and Wales, UK, registration number 10909849.