Privacy Policy – Dirree Marketplace App

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Access to SMS Messaging:

As part of its core functionality, Dirree Marketplace (DMP) App makes use of SMS text messaging for the following tasks:

  • Call-based One Time Password (OTP) account verification
  • Purchase notification and bid notifications in situations when Push Notification is not available.

SMS messaging is not used for any other functions or services provided by SMS.

Access to Phone Numbers:

The telephone number for a mobile phone hosting the Dirree Marketplace (DMP) App is at the heart of its core functionality, in a sense that the uniqueness of the phone number as well as the IEMI provides the unique identifier for the database of DMP users.

  • The DMP app only acquires the SIM information (telephone number, IEMI number, subscriber number, etc resident on SIM card) and does not handle any calls or access call logs or addresses.
  • The phone access is only limited to reading information on the SIM card so as to establish unique identity of the user, and no more.

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